An Unbiased View of Dr. Adil Baguirov Wikipedia

16) Mr. Baguirov is racist too(very well he accused me of it but his distate for Armenians shows it). In fact if Khamseh experienced nearly anything to carry out with Azarbaijani Turkic speakers, then it might have been translated long way back to that language and never during the historically manipulated era of Stalin. As per praisal of Sultan Sanjar the Seljuq, other Persian poets have done that in addition (even some present day types) and he is recognized as relative just king. Also the Tale is about an aged lady complaigning to her. And Anytime the phrases Hindu/Turk take place collectively, They can be taken as symbols rather then ethnicities. According to detrimental phrases about Turks, we can evaluate Alexanders reference on the Khaghans along with the Shirvanshah stated about Turks.

Allow us to not evaluate some of the of the verses Mr. Baguirov provides without any true quotation of the particular Persian. But to point out the absurdity of Mr. Baguirovs Phony verse(exactly where may be the Persian) is priceless.

What Mr. Baguirov does not know is always that Ibn-e-Wazih Ya'qubi and Baladhuri have set a big Section of Georgian, Arran as well as other parts as Armenia. This is a number of amongst quite a few and what is vital listed here would be that the scholarly Neighborhood hasn't disagreed about this reality since at the very least 1988!

So Mr. Adil Baguirov ought to carry up new resources instead of things from 50 several years ago by some soviet Students. Indeed USSR scholarship was tainted when it arrived to ethnic troubles. It need to remembered that Nizamis get the job done were not translated into Azeri-Turkish ahead of the USSR era and Also Stalin did his ideal to mould Nizami into an Azarbaijani Turkic speaker. A transparent example of two forgeries by Caucasian Azarbaijani scholars is usually a verse relating Nizamis father to some wolf which isn't going to also have a suitable rhyme![3] in addition to attemps by some of the psuedo-Students to change the term Kurd to Gurd which is not supported by any manuscript and Moreover will make the rhymes meaningless. In fact I'm able to generate Substantially about manipulation of record in a lot of the previous USSR international locations, but lets persist with the issue.

The Qom issue is considered to be confirmed and shut (much like Holocaust, Regardless that some want to dispute it) – that line is false. Just because some continue to adhere to your outdated and Bogus info, doesn’t mean we really have to adhere to it, as proof is evident – that line is not really present in older manuscripts. If among the modern Students Meisami wasn't conscious of it or mechanically put previous data in her 1995 e-book, that’s not grounds for declaring that Nizami could nevertheless be from Qom. Let us not overlook that Meisami herself is Iranian.

Whilst I'm at it, let me just incorporate One more position or two about one of several other Untrue statements of Mr. Baguirov. Mr Baguirov claimed: Of course the fact there are these kinds of terrific Turkic eposes as Dede Korkut and Oghuz Nameh, that are oral tales from at the least 1300 back, and oldest manuscript of which was composed in 1053. Which declare is extremely huge lie. There may be only two manuscripts of dede Korkut perform (Review it to convey Shahnameh with one thousand+ manuscripts). Dede-Qorqod is made up of about a hundred and fifty Persian text and 300 Arabic phrases.

It's indicating that you're performing just like a slave go now and not a learn. Once again this has nothing at all to carry out with Nizami's ethnicity.

Indeed I'm sure Azerbaijani scholars have created very Fake promises on proclaiming these groups as Turks and seek advice from some sources eighty several years old similar to the Japhetic principle of Marr (who also thought of Kurdish as Japhetic also). But current discoveries are fairly apparent.

These had been all important falsifications which Mr. baguirov selected to ignore in his newest message. Now lets see what new things Mr. Baguirov has falsified a different considering that per week ago. According to Mr. Adbil Baguirov lets don't forget he chose to utilize insults persistently and now he asks for respect. I've a PhD in an unrelated area like Mr.

So indeed Mr. Baguirov who can't read Persian and won't are aware that Persian has 'p' and there is no have to have for Nizami to put the arabicized Variation of a name! Specially when for instance he has made use of Persian pronounciation "alp Arsalan" in place of "alb Arsalan"(Arabicized). Without a doubt to the standard Persian speaker, the interpretation of Prof. Nafisi is suitable. Also it should be do not forget that she was a slave Woman sent via the ruler of Darband. At this time that “Afaq” was her title is in dispute by some scholars and so it's can't be certain as Nizamis Kurdish mom.

And during the google search on masud ibn namdar a single e book from the title: "Majmu'a qissas wa-rasa'il wa-ash'ar" arrived up which will not seem Turkish.

Also you can do a comparison in browse around these guys between Nizamis function and Ferdowsi's do the job and find out that they are that site within the similar lifestyle and why Nizami has expanded on a number of the stories of Ferdowsi and the exact same themes. Culturally Nizami contributed to a civilization and that is Persian-Iranian lifestyle and civilization.

A certain user has modified the ethnicity of Shirin the Armenian princess to an Azarbaijani! This is definitely uncalled for considering that all sources concur she was Armenian and a Christian and wasn't a Turkic speaking Azarbaijani. This is completely unacceptable And that i do not desire to get Armenians involved in this dialogue as well.

And at last you can not prove it from a single verse that Nizamis other 50 % was one hundred% everything from any ethnicity. Encyclopedia Britannica has remaining that portion as blank. So for now Kurds will claim the ethnic glory, if you might.

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